Soap and Detergent Machinery Plants

Soap and Detergent Machinery Plants We fabricate machineries and turn-key projects to manufacture Laundry and Toilet Soaps from Soap Noodles, Palm Oil and Fatty Acids. These are some equipments that we can supply for such applications.

  1. Sigma mixer
  2. Pelletizer
  3. Three Roll Mill
  4. Three Roll Mill Straight
  5. Conveyors
  6. Duplex Plodder
  7. Disc Cutter
  8. Reciprocating Cutting Machine

Usually small scale Soap manufacturing set up requires following Operations to produce Laundry and Toilet Soaps.

1. Saponification of Oils and/or Fatty Acids

Soap is Saponified mass of triglycerides or Fatty Acids by means of Caustic. Various Fatty Acids and/or Palm oils can be mixed based on desired soap quality into Saponification vessel. Under constant stirring by means of crutches and under hot condition, caustic solution can be added to mixture of oils and after complete saponifaction reaction, it will become think mass called soap. Usually this constant stirring and boiling lasts about 8 hours to complete the saponifaction reaction.

2. Drying of Saponified Mass

Saponified mass contains high percentages of moisture which can be removed by placing mass into small boxes and places in an oven for about 24 hours.

3. Chipping

Further drying of these big blocks of soaps requires to cut into small pieces and place into an oven which reduces the moisture content to desired level.

4. Mixing with Sigma Mixer

Mixing of soap noodles or soap chips with perfumes, color and other ingredients is very crucial to produce consistence quality soap. Our mixer has two Z shaped shafts made of stainless steel and both shafts can be rotate at different speeds to facilitates efficient mixing.

5. Plodder

Plodder screw takes the mixed soap from hopper and presses the soap as it passes through the plate and produces long blocks of soap.

6. Soap cutting

It cut the soap into required sizes and shapes.

7. Triple Roller Process

It require in Toilet soap manufacturing to make soap flakes from homogeneously mixed ingredients.

8. Duplex Vacuum Plodder

Soap flakes fed into Vacuum Plodder to remove void space and trap air and gives desired shape.

9. Stamping of Soap Bar

The Soap is pressed by stamping machine to make impression of brand name onto it. Then, it finally goes to packaging and storage.